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Our ANNO™ Linux web hosting plans are suitable for wide range of applications. The combination of RedHat Linux, Apache web server, PHP and Perl with MySQL database server forms the foundation of a stable and fast platform for your business website.

Exim mail server is used in conjunction with Clam AntiVirus and SpamAssassin for SPAM and virus-free email.

Managing your web and email services is simple with the included cPanel online control panel.

Go to the Apache Software Foundation Home Page
Apache Web Server
Go to the MySQL AB Home Page
MySQL Database Server
Go to the PHP Group Home Page
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Go to the O'Reilly Perl Page
Go to Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft FrontPage
Go to the AWStats Home Page
Go to the Exim Home Page
Exim Mail Server
Go to the Clam AntiVirus web site
Clam AntiVirus
Go to the Apache SpamAssassin  Project Page

:: ANNO™ Linux Business Hosting Packages


:: Basic ::

:: Advanced ::

:: Premium ::

  Suggested use Small business
Business email
Personal website
General business
CMS, Blog
Image gallery
Corporate website
Hosting reseller

Setup fee





Monthly fee





Quarterly fee
(save 15%)





Yearly fee
(save 20%)





All prices are US Dollar
Payment by credit card or PayPal Subscription


Disk space for website,
databases, and mailboxes

1.0 GB 2.0 GB 5.0 GB
Monthly bandwidth1 20 GB 25 GB 50 GB

Account Access

cPanel control panel yes yes yes
FTP users 1 4 10
Advanced FTP
user configuration
no no yes
FTP over TLS (secure FTP) no no yes
SSH File Transfer no no yes
Secure Shell (SSH) Access no no yes


POP/IMAP mailboxes 25 50 150
Email forwarders yes yes yes
Email autoresponders yes yes yes
SpamAssissin spam filter yes yes yes
Anti-virus filter yes yes yes
IMAP support for
smartphones and tablets
yes yes yes
Webmail (email in
web browser)
yes yes yes
Advanced Webmail
configuration per user
no no yes


AWStats website statistics yes yes yes
SSL secure pages no Add-on Add-on
Parked domains 10 10 10
Secondary (add-on) websites no no 4
PHP support yes yes yes

Zend Guard Loader support

yes yes yes

IonCube Loader support

yes yes yes
Perl cgi-bin no Free add-on Free add-on

Web Applications

Installatron Application Installer yes yes yes
Website Builder yes yes yes


MySQL databases no 5 10
SQLite databases yes yes yes

:: Notes

1 Reasonable use limit of alll traffic to and from your IP, e.g. web site, e-mail and FTP transfer

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